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The Project
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To Investigate Tuberculosis in the Russian Federation, the United States of America and the United Kingdom

 To investigate and compare the following aspects of tuberculosis in these countries: 

bulletAetiology, Pathogenesis, Transmission
bulletSurveillance and Case Management
bulletTreatment and Prevention, with special reference to DOT(S)
bulletPatient Adherence
bulletInfection Control
bulletDrug Resistance

And in addition, 

bulletThe general health care setting, its standard and its organisation
bulletHealth worker (and patient) views and attitudes

To fully document my project in photographs and notes, with the goal of publishing a few articles and producing a full report, to be submitted to sponsors, my interviewees, certain educational establishments, and any other interested parties. 

Nature of the Project

 The investigation will consist of several elements:

  1. Interview of health workers
  2. Interview of patients, where possible
  3. Research, as much as possible “in the field”
  4. Observation of tuberculosis control work
  5. Exploration of the health care systems and national culture of the countries I visit
  6. Education of myself and others and an effort to raise awareness of the international issues raised
  7. Benefit to those I visit, by sharing my findings, and by publicising their efforts and obstacles; and to wider society by the same

I will investigate and compare at least three countries with greatly differing TB challenges and public health responses.  These countries will be:

    bulletThe United Kingdom – London
    bulletThe United States of America – New York City, Washington DC
    bulletThe Russian Federation – Moscow, St Petersburg

The project will focus on, but will not be confined to, the urban centres shown, so that regional variation in the aspects being studied can be investigated.  The estimated total duration of the project’s field element is up to four months.  Departure to the United States is at the start of May 2002.  Departure to the Russian Federation is in early July 2002.

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